Here’s What I Would Do Different If I Wanted to Start a Side Business or Change Career.

From a girl who quit her corporate job in 2016.

Alexandra Negulescu
3 min readMar 6, 2023
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In 2016 I quit my corporate job.

It did work out for me. Yes!

But I put a lot of pressure on myself.

I got scared and experienced depression for the first time in my life, and it took me almost a year to come back and have clarity about what I would pursue next.

Honestly, the whole thing was challenging — mentally and emotionally.

Would I do it again? Probably not.


Mainly because there’s no pressure on you:

→ If making mistakes.

→ If you have bills to pay.

→ If you take your skills to the open market.

→ If you’re unsure if the new skill you’re learning is a great fit for you.

Today I know there are other ways you can approach a career change.

Here’s what I would do differently today.

Step 1. Learn a new skill while at my 9 to 5.

Before leaving corporate, I never invested the time and money to learn something new.

All I knew was I wanted to impact other people’s lives somehow.

Never pursue it.

Honestly, I was even afraid to think of it at the moment.

Today’s world is so different. You can learn almost anything online at your own pace with proper research.

I find this to be amazing.

Step 2. Leverage social media and share what I learn on the way.

I never thought social media could help me so much.

I was never the kind of person who wanted to be in the spotlight. I was the opposite. The girl will stay at the back of the room so no one can see her.

I always wanted my results to speak about myself.

Now being on my own and wanting to teach yoga, I soon realized nobody knew what I was doing, so I needed to build an audience for my services.

Social media can be scary, especially if you’ve never felt comfortable doing it. But doing it led me to significant behavior changes.

I had to work on my mindset, identify limiting beliefs, and allow myself to show up in front of people to share what I know.

Social media it’s still the best way to put yourself out there and let people know what you’re up to and how you can help.

Step 3. Build a service-based or digital product.

As a side business the easier and simpler way it to do is to build:

  1. A service-based product: 1:1 sessions, group or private classes, workshops.

2. A digital product: pack your knowledge and transfer them via teaching.

Both are working great depending on your skill(s).

Whatever your ambitions are, there are ways to make them happen in today’s world.

Test them out.

Start today.

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