Every Single Bit of Useful Advice I Can Think of for Creative Entrepreneurs

I wish someone would have mentioned them to me earlier

Alexandra Negulescu
3 min readJun 19, 2023
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Seven years ago, when I began teaching yoga, my goal was to reach people, spark their curiosity about yoga, and invite them to attend my classes.

My goal, even today, is to build a strong community.

Until then, I had grown as an educator, individual, and entrepreneur.

As a coach, I am here to help others on their journey.

I have tried many things and felt defeated numerous times, but today I am a bit wiser.

Here’s every single bit of useful advice I can think of for creative entrepreneurs. Hope it helps.

  1. Your personality is what people are drawn to, so be yourself.
  2. Documenting your journey provides an endless supply of content to create.
  3. Share and test your ideas with your audience. Avoid making assumptions.
  4. Forget about trends and algorithms. The quality of your content is what truly matters.
  5. Don’t expect big results in your first two years.
  6. It’s really just you versus yourself.
  7. Books are tools that can inspire you and expand your thinking.
  8. Set goals, but create for the joy of it.
  9. Not everyone will like you, and that’s perfectly fine. Keep going.
  10. The best creators focus on their work and ignore distractions.
  11. Simplicity makes room for consistency.
  12. Do more of what works. It’s a growth hack.
  13. Always celebrate the small victories and the effort you’ve put in.
  14. Accountability is the secret sauce for productivity.
  15. Magic happens when you make time for what really matters.
  16. Strive to create more content than you consume.
  17. Rest is just as important as work.
  18. Take ownership of everything — the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is how you improve yourself.
  19. The best entrepreneurs obsess over finding solutions to what’s not working.
  20. Every success story is a trial and error story.
  21. Many entrepreneurs quit within the first two years. Instead, focus on playing the long game.
  22. Learn how to tell better stories.
  23. Emotions are powerful in selling.
  24. Focus on your top three most important tasks. This is how you build.
  25. Create value by making your audience feel something or by teaching them something.
  26. Establishing a routine is the foundation for productivity.
  27. Things always seem to take longer than expected.
  28. To make things work for you, you have to believe that you can make them work.
  29. Surround yourself with people from whom you can learn.
  30. No one is a self-made person. We all need help.

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